Launch of Vendor Security Assessments Group

Community Group

This week we launched a LinkedIn group to help all parties involved in either creating or delivering vendor security assessments.

At least one a month we've been contacted by a confused potential customer who’s been given a vendor assessment form, has never heard of penetration testing and wouldn’t know where to start running a security program. Generally, in SME’s there’s no dedicated security staff. Usually a member of the IT department of COO will be given the job.

We'd like this LinkedIn group to be a community of security experts, vendor's and their customers helping each gain insight into these processes. The end goal to make small business more secure from cyber-attacks.

We'll be interviewing a series of experts who will give share their knowledge and advice on how to successfully make it through vendor assessments. We'll also publish resources such as free tools, papers and guides that will help vendors fulfill their obligations and stay in budget.


If there are ways we can improve the group, please let us know here and we'll be glad to help.

-- The Escaped Team --