About Escaped

Founded in 2020, Escaped is a boutique cybersecurity company that brings over 30 years of experience to help protect startups, small and medium businesses.

Today, IT plays a crucial role in every modern industry. Despite the fact that over 99% of the U.S. workforce is employed by a company with less than 500 employees, these businesses often have little to no cybersecurity awareness. But America’s economic success depends on these companies being secure.

Escaped brings together the expertise of cybersecurity engineers who have worked with the biggest and most renowned companies in the world. But we enjoy working with small businesses and startups the most — we see

the impact you’re striving to make, and we want to help. By employing agile project management and a remote workforce, we keep costs to a minimum and pass these savings on to the client.

Want a friendly, cost-effective solution provided by cybersecurity industry leaders? We’re your team.

We currently offer security testing and security awareness training, but stay tuned; we’re planning to expand our services soon.


Escaped was founded by Rob Pope, a four-time entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert. An ethical hacker and IT security expert by trade, Rob has previously launched two successful cybersecurity firms, SecureTest and Vigilante Bespoke. He also co-founded Dogtown Media, a mobile technology studio that has won several awards for its innovative digital solutions. Rob brings decades worth of cybersecurity experience to all of our work.

Talk to us about testing

Whether this is your first time trying security testing or you’re a cyber pro, reach out — we’re happy to help!